The main objectives of organised art programs throughout the prisons revolve around the improvement of self-esteem, rehabilitation, education and providing a trade and tools for artists to use upon release. Giving inmates an opportunity to be re-educated, to reflect on past experiences and get them thinking on how they’re lives will change upon release.

In Melbourne, The Torch provides Indigenous inmates with art supplies and mentoring and run an annual exhibition “Confined” where artists can sell their pieces.

In Sydney’s Long Bay gaol, the Boom Gate Gallery and Malabar Art Unit deliver professional training in a wide variety of artistic mediums and display the art in a public gallery.

J Block Women of the Art Project was conducted at the Darwin Corrections Centre and provides a simple and practical form of self-expression, proving a valuable form of rehabilitation.

Our objective with The Art Of Incarceration is to bring more art programs into prisons, and through screening the film to inmates themselves, empower them for a better life on the outside.