Theo McMahon is a film producer, VCA graduate student and proud Bundjalung man with extensive experience in sound design, composition, live performance, as well as a Bachelors Degree in Performance Design. The projects he has undertaken simulate politics and art and are broad in scope and technicality.

Theo’s major projects as both composer and producer include the unreleased feature length documentary, The Art of Incarceration (directed by Alex Siddons). The dynamic score is facilitated by his adaptive response to cultural and emotive themes and an understanding of mixed media recording techniques as a multi-instrumentalist.

Currently, Theo’s creative output as a composer is focused on First Nations narratives. His sound installation at the Dirty Dozen Gallery for YIRRAMBOI’S 2019 Barring Yanabul exhibition interrogated the relationship between contemporary practices and First Nations identities. These ideas are currently directing him as an artist.

An ardent force behind the work Theo does is creating agency and voice for not only First Nations people of Australia but all marginalised and misrepresented demographics. He is currently collaborating on a development with the Art Centre Melbourne for an inclusive creative performance space for all First Nations people. His research examines how this facilitation can be achieved through sound design.

Theo is based in Melbourne, Australia.